Company Bojkun s.r.o., care  that your shipment will be safely delivered and  as soon as it is possible. That is the reason why is our fleet regular and continual updating, with new technologies.

In our fleet you can find:

  • 10 trailers Volvo FH
  • 10 trailers Renault Premium
  • 20 semitrailers Schmitz Cargobull (94 m3)
  • 1xRenault D with tail lift (16t)
  • 1xDAF CF (19t)
  • 1xFiat Ducato (3,5t)

Vehicle equipment:

  • All our vehicles have GPS monitoring system which allows us to provide immediate and direct informations
  • All our vehicles are emission class 5 and higher
  • All our vehicles can ship dangerous goods ADR.

20 trailers Volvo FH


20 semitrailers Schmitz Cargobull


Renault T


FIat Ducato