About us

In the field od international shipping psedition and logistic we are providing services since the year 1998, when we came intoSlovak transport marke tas a company „BOJKUN Vladislav“. While growing on the market we transfered in the year 2006 into BOJKUN Ltd

Specialization and expertise

We specialize in the international shipping provided by our own vehicles, but we also ship homeland and offer spedition services too. Currently we focus on the countries of Western Europe. We posses CEMT licencies which enable us to ship into third countries too.

Flexibility and satisfaction

Our main advantage against competitors is flexibility and technical equipment of our trucks at a high level. Contracts we can solve very quickly and to maximum custumer satisfaction.

Why to decide for Bojkun s.r.o.?
  • Currently we have 20 Volvo and Renault trailers and tilt semitrailers, each 13,6 meters long with inside hight 2,8m.
  • The fleet also includes vans for express shipping, as well as smaller tilt and box trucks with tail lift and carrying capacity of 12 and 16 tons,
  • We also provide transports of dangerous goods ADR,
  • GPS monitoring system of vehicles allows us to provide immediate and direct informations about vehicles, so we can make transport of Hi-Tech products and higher value  products
  • All vehicles are emission class 5 and higher
  • Our main adventage is flexibility. All contracts we do to satisfaction of our clients.
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Our main aim is to meet expentations and requirements of our clients and guaranteed them flexibility and reliability